1 in 10 people has had a near-death experience.
Do these NDEs reveal the heaven and hell we read about in the Bible?

All of us long to know with absolute certainty what happens after we die. Popular authors and podcasters Randy Kay and Shaun Tabatt are on a mission to have pointed conversations with people who died and spent time on the other side.

Randy and Shaun personally selected these firsthand accounts of the afterlife from the most popular episodes of their 
2 Christian Dudes podcast. These conversations include:
  • Ian McCormack - Stung By 5 Jellyfish and Encountered Jesus in Heaven
  • Bryan Melvin - Died from Cholera and Encountered Adolph Hitler in Hell
  • Heidi Barr - Crushed in a Horse-Riding Accident and Encountered Jesus in Heaven
  • Messianic Rabbi Felix Halpern - Died and Encountered the Fire of God’s Glory in Heaven’s Throne Room

Each of these encounters will leave you hungry to discover more of the God who is actively engaged in every moment of your life, both now and throughout eternity!

Stories of Heaven and the Afterlife: Firsthand Accounts of Real Near-Death Experiences (An NDE Collection) Paperback – September 13, 2022

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