On the Edge of Knowing!

Age-old questions about great mysteries are untangled, decoded, and answered through a God-inspired revelation during a near-death experience.

Secrets of a Supernatural World compares elements of Scripture, science, and personal revelation received during a near-death experience, which lead you to understand why things are the way they are, why you are you, and what your earthly and eternal purpose is.

With a touch of good humor, uncharted territories, rarely discussed in today's churches, are explored, through megabytes of Scriptural and personal revelation.

If You Have Ever Wondered Any of the Following, This Book is Your Answer!

  1. • If God created the world and He is an all-knowing God, why did He create Lucifer who would rebel against Him and become "the devil"?
  2. • Why did He create Adam and Eve if He knew they would fail?
  3. • If God is love, how can He allow evil in the world?
  4. • Who is Jesus anyway and why would His death "save me"?
  5. • Don't all religions lead to God?
  6. • What about the aliens and the UFOs that have supposedly visited us?
  7. • What about angels and demons, can we see them?
  8. • Is there such a thing as the "supernatural"?

Secrets of a Supernatural World provides the answers to life's hardest questions

Secrets of a Supernatural World (An NDE Collection)

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