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Larry Stockstill

Larry Stockstill

Larry Stockstill


Pastor Larry Stockstill is the former pastor of Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Larry’s father, began the church in 1963 and Larry became pastor in 1983. His son, Jonathan, became Bethany’s pastor in 2011 and the church has just completed fifty years of ministry.  

Stockstill has been married to his wife Melanie for thirty-eight years and has six children, all of whom serve with him in the Bethany ministry. His leading book, The Remnant: Restoring Integrity to American Ministry, is being distributed nationwide and worldwide in other languages to promote renewed standards of holiness in leadership. He is also the Director of the “Surge Project,” a church planting project that has planted over 22,000 rural churches worldwide in twelve world zones from 2001-2013.

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