There are at least ten fundamental truths that I am sharing in this book for the purpose of fostering and encouraging Women and Self-Esteem.

The demoralizing effects of outdated, religious traditions which limit women in their ministry as Christ's messengers can only be remedied by a knowledge of liberating truths.

These ten gospel truths form an unshakable foundation of faith and of self-esteem for any woman who embraces them without racial or sexual interpretation.

Can believing women afford to bow to discrimination in the church world, while in the secular world their equality is a fact of life?

Every woman must learn to see herself as God sees her, and to believe in herself like God believes in her; she must think of herself as God thinks of her and confess what He says about her, instead of what traditional theology may have programmed her to believe.

Never allow any person, system, influence, dogma, doctrine, or society to cause you to forget that you are a distinguished and a vital member of God's regal lineage of Women and Self-Esteem.

Women & Self-Esteem

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