This book examines every major passage in the Bible on the subject of God’s plan for women. It refutes the traditional teaching of husbands having authority over their wives and of a limited role for women in the Church. It biblically releases women to become all that God intends them to be as equal partners in the home and the Church. The conclusions of this book need to be prayerfully considered by all – men and women!

“This very readable book shows from Scripture that church and family were intended by God to model distinctively love-intensive communities where mutual submission and servanthood would prevail. The author has successfully condensed in a few pages massive biblical arguments that convincingly advocate the recovery of the community of oneness.”

Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian Professor of Biblical Studies Emeritus, Wheaton College Author, Beyond Sex Rolls

“Many Christian women and men could find great help from this book. It is written with a deep faithfulness to Scripture and a deep concern for women. The suggestions given for practical equality in marriage are particularly valuable.”

Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger President Emerita, Christians for Biblical Equality Faculty, Gordon-Conwell Seminary

“The subject matter of this book is timely and one that will be well received within the religious community. I believe she has adequately stated her thesis and has provided much insight as well as proof for her conclusions.”

Sidney Dosh, Jr., MSJS Hebrew and Greek scholar, Crystal River, Florida

Woman: God's Plan not Man's Tradition Paperback – April 17, 2018

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