Based on Edward and Bella's fictional romance, discover the reality of what it takes to find and cultivate a lasting love connection.

Twilight or Sonlight?

He’s passionate, thoughtful, courageous, and committed. Edward is more than Bella’s Twilight soul mate—he’s an icon for what nearly every woman hopes to find in a man. In response to the masses of women asking, “Where’s my Edward?” author Laura Gallier insightfully separates fact from fiction and presents the reality of what it takes to find and cultivate a lasting love connection.

Using the Twilight storyline as a point of reference and the Bible as the standard of truth, Where’s My Edward? empowers you to achieve your love-related hopes and desires by providing heartwarming, eye-opening answers to “hot topic” questions such as:

  1. • Is a Twilight-kind of romance possible?
  2. • What ignites and sustains attraction?
  3. • Are my standards high enough?
  4. • Will a man ever love me the way Edward loves Bella?
  5. • How do sex-related decisions heat up or hinder romance?
  6. • How do I find love and maintain it?
  7. • Is my Edward out there?

Single and married readers will find answers to their most pressing love-related questions and uncertainties, along with timeless, biblical principles for finding and maintaining romance.

Twilight fan or not, you will be encouraged that in the midst of widespread relational instability, marital conflict, and divorce, it is possible to cultivate a healthy, lasting love relationship.

Where's My Edward?: Seeking a Twilight Romance

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