Got the blues? Bummed out? In the dumps? Feel isolated, overlooked, rejected?

Does your situation feel hopeless? Want to run away? While your friends are reaching higher toward their dreams and desires, do you feel like you're reaching a new low? Ever felt like the sky of your life was gray? These are all signs and symptoms of depression and discouragement and we've all been there in one way or another. Maybe you're tired of being down, sad or dependent on mood-enhancing drugs or herbs.

Perhaps you wonder if God has real answers. The good news for each of us is that God cares and He has real answers to help us. If this describes you, then this is the Bible study for you! God does not want us to live in the bondage of being down in the dumps, but rather He wants to lift us up and out! In this study, you'll learn to find the place of joy and laughter again, while being transformed into the upbeat person God made you to be. Perfect for small groups and Bible studies, this resource is definitely a treasure for anyone that needs to be uplifted.


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