The Key to Stepping into Your Destiny

The secret to fulfilling your destiny is unlocking your potential—what you are capable of doing and accomplishing with your life. For so many people, their potential remains dormant… often for entire lifetimes. They never release their potential because it is never realized.

Where do you realize true potential? Your destiny-defining encounters with God.

In Unlocked, TD Jakes shows you how:

  • Ordinary moments and decisions can set you up for extraordinary promotion
  • You can quickly become elevated into radical new levels of supernatural living through one life-changing gift
  • Life experiences are tools of divine preparation, shaping you to enjoy new levels of anointing and abundance

Get ready for God to redefine your sense of “normal” life and bring you into greater dimensions of empowered living. Unlock your potential today—start living above the humdrum of everyday life and start walking into new places of influence, favor and blessing!


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