The Spirit Empowered Life Online Course

What if you could have a personal and vital relationship with the Holy Spirit where He guides you and shows you things to come?

Imagine what your life would be like if you had the upper hand, insider knowledge, a secret advantage in life. What if you could discern with confidence the path to take, the decision to make and so much more? You can! 

 Here’s the secret…when you are empowered by the Holy Spirit, you will be able to tap into a whole new level of supernatural (yet, normal!) living. Jesus said the Holy Spirit gives us an incredible advantage -- and it's true! Join me in this course to find out just what that advantage means to you. (Warning: your life will never be the same!)

What's Included In This Course?

Free E-book Download

Download your copy of The Spirit Empowered Life by Beth Jones!

4 Modules + 16 Bible-Based Training Videos

Practical, interactive, Bible teaching!

Bonus Materials

Enjoy additional audio and video teachings to grow your relationship with the Holy Spirit!

Module 1 | Getting To Know The Holy SpiritIntro

Lesson 1: The Holy Spirit Is With Us & In Us

Lesson 2: The Holy Spirit Leads & Guides Us

Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit Reveals Things To Us

Lesson 4: The Holy Spirit Teaches & Anoints Us

Module 2 | Being Filled With The SpiritIntro

Lesson 1: "Born Of" vs. "Filled With"

Lesson 2: Born Of The Spirit

Lesson 3: Filled With The Holy Spirit

Lesson 4: Beth's Story

Module 3 | Praying In The SpiritIntro

Lesson 1: What Is It? Your Prayer Language

Lesson 2: Why Do It? Stay Hydrated

Lesson 3: How Do I Do It? Prime The Pump

Lesson 4 | What Are The Benefits? Build Yourself Up

Module 4 | Being Led By The SpiritIntro

Lesson 1: We Have A Guide

Lesson 2: Two Ways To Be Led

Lesson 3: Discerning Desires

Lesson 4: Pass The Test