The Darkness is Never Harmless

Seventeen-year-old Debbie tapped into the unseen realm of the supernatural. What she thought would be a harmless séance with friends turned out to be much more—and she entered The Realm of the Drells.

Debbie’s spiritual curiosity transports her to an alternate universe ruled by goatdemons called Drells. While trapped in this dark world ruled by slavery, pain and fear, Debbie has a spiritual encounter that changes everything. After receiving a dream, she is driven to save her fellow human captives and bring an end to the Drells’ tyranny of darkness.

Meanwhile, a team of scientists back on Earth frantically searches for a breakthrough that could rescue Debbie and the other prisoners, bringing them safely from one world to the next. With the clock ticking, Debbie is forced to make some shocking alliances that cross space, spirituality, and species—even if it means partnering with Abaddon, the dark angel!

The Realm of the Drells takes you on a journey where nothing is as it seems.

Experience a world of warfare and suspense mixed with science-fiction and spirituality.

Realm of the Drells

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