Bill Johnson guides you through the book that transformed his healing ministry.


The Gospels are full of stories of supernatural healing―sight restored to the blind, the lame made to walk, and the dead raised to life. We wonder why these types of miracles aren't more prevalent in our own lives. Is it our lack of faith? Do we just need to try harder, believe more?

But these questions imply that these miracles are born out of our own efforts.

This isn’t how faith works. As Bill Johnsons says in the introduction to this special edition, "Faith is not about striving; it is about surrender."

In this unique book, Bill Johnson guides you through the work that has most influenced his own healing ministry―The Real Faith―written by Dr. Charles Price in 1940. Containing an introduction, guided notes and questions by Pastor Bill to enrich your own reading, this timeless classic by one of the great “generals” of the faith offers proven wisdom for your own journey in healing ministry.

In The Real Faith, Charles Price and Bill Johnson will invite you to think differently about faith―and therefore healing miracles. Faith is:


  • A gift from God, given to us
  • A product of our total surrender to Him
  • An invitation to know God deeply
  • Born out of intimacy with God
  • An ongoing discovery with God


Supernatural healing, for Charles Price and Bill Johnson, is a byproduct of deep, abiding intimacy with God. As you read Dr. Price's ageless words and Pastor Bill’s remarkable insights, you’ll begin to understand that the miracles we long for are not about our own efforts, they’re a product of real faith. That is, faith given to us by Him.

The Real Faith with Annotations and Guided Readings by Bill Johnson: The Supernatural Impartation to Receive Miracles: House of Generals Revival Classics Library Hardcover – November 7, 2023

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