You have been set apart for such a time as this.

God wants to perform wonders and great exploits through a holy, set apart people. The question is have you given your life completely to the Lord and His purposes? This level of commitment and consecration comes only by having a prophetic vision of the returning Jesus.

As God’s people give themselves completely to Him and His Kingdom purpose, they will become catalysts for bringing the awakening and reformation that has been prophesied. 

Author, prophet, and church planter, Jeremiah Johnson, is convinced: this message is a prophetic vision of the why behind what we're called to do.  More than simply focusing on Christian behaviors and actions, when a believer has set Jesus before their eyes and lives as a bride eagerly awaiting the returning bridegroom, everything changes!

In The Power of Consecration, Jeremiah helps you to...

  • Sit at the "Table of Encounter" with the Lord.
  • Discover how consecration is the result of your revelation of Jesus.
  • Enter into a "new kind of fasting."
  • Discern the 5 warning signs of the end-time "harlot bride."
  • Resist the traps of legalism and religion.

Could it be that the Holy Spirit is daring those who are hungry to come seek Him in a new way? For if we are willing to pay the price and consecrate ourselves fully to Him, He will manifest His kingdom fully in the earth.

The Power of Consecration Free Feature Message (PDF Download)

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