Rediscover Your True Identity, Fulfillment, and Purpose

We come to the world naked, and we depart naked.

How about we live it naked, too?

I want to stop pretending every day more and more. Pretending to be something I am not. Pretending to believe in things I think or say . . . when I don’t. I want to be real, raw, and uncensored to God, to those that I come across, and to you.

~from the Introduction

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve hid their nakedness and shame behind a fig leaf—what are you hiding behind?

Many people have asked Jesus into their hearts, but live out the rest of their lives hidden and ashamed, not knowing that they can stand authentic, free, and joyful before others and a God who loves them and wants to show them who they truly are!

In The Modern Fig Leaf, Pablo Giacopelli takes you on a real, raw, and unforgettable journey into the human heart… and into the very heart of God.

Rediscover your true identity as you unlock the Source of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your life!  

Modern Fig Leaf

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