Declarations That Carry the Thunder of Heaven
When it comes to prayer, many believers don’t know where to begin. But what if your prayers were transformed from a one-sided conversation into a dynamic, supernatural encounter with the King of Heaven?
Jodie and Ben Hughes were the leaders and hosts of the Pineapple Revival—a powerful Holy Spirit outpouring in Australia. But during this time of spiritual breakthrough, Jodie found herself in the midst of intense personal struggle, including a major battle for her health. It was through this adversity that the principles in this book were tested and proven.
The King’s Decree is an invitation to enter Heaven’s throne room through prayer, hear God's thunderous voice, and echo His Words. When we pray the words of Heaven, God will transform Earth!
In this powerful book Jodie Hughes teaches you how to…

  • Experience a “tent of meeting” encounter with God through prayer.
  • Partner with God by making declarations that represent His voice.
  • Translate Heaven’s words into powerful Kingdom decrees.
  • Release life over areas of darkness and oppression.
  • Receive practical mentorship in making effective declarations.

Prepare for a major upgrade in your prayer life. The King wants to use your voice to transform your world as you echo The King’s Decree!

The King's Decree: Throne Room Declarations that Release Supernatural Answers to Prayer

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