What if you could design a life you've longed for?

Have you been trying to figure out your purpose? Trying to find a way to structure your life so all of the dreams and creativity within you can become reality? 

 If you want to live a life of purpose, satisfaction, significance -- an inspired life -- you will love this course. Through 7 Modules and 25 short training videos, you'll get a step-by-step plan to bring clarity and excitement to your life! This course contains the roadmap you've been looking for!

What's Included In This Course?

26 Downloadable Worksheets

These customizable worksheets will help you design an inspired life!

7 Modules + 25 Training Videos

Practical, interactive, step-by-step teaching from Beth Jones!

Inspiring Bonus Materials

Inspiring audio teachings and an encouraging list of Bible declarations to speak over your life!

Module 1: 5 Keys for Living Smack Dab in the Center of Your God-Given Purpose

Lesson 1: Discover your God-given purpose

Lesson 2: Identify your personal mission

Lesson 3: Write out your vision

Lesson 4: Define your core values

Lesson 5: Focus on your priorities

Module 2: Navigating Your Personal Growth and Success in 12 Categories of Life

Lesson 1: Where do you want to be

Lesson 2: Where are you now

Lesson 3: How are you going to get there?

Module 3: 3 Ways to Organize Your Life and Get Moving in the Right Direction

Lesson 1: Planning your life one-year-at-a-glance

Lesson 2: Planning your time one-month-at-a-glance

Lesson 3: Using digital devices and apps to stay organized

Module 4: Strengthening These 9 Relationships

Lesson 1: Your relationship with God, yourself & others

Lesson 2: Your relationships with family

Lesson 3: Widen your circle and get planted in church

Lesson 4: Don’t be that guy

Module 5: Do One Thing You Love and Prosper!

Lesson 1: Be an anomaly

Lesson 2: Cultivate the expert in you

Lesson 3: Monetize your thing

Lesson 4: Work these 9 skills

Module 6: 5 Areas You Can Design and Customize To Live The Life You Love

Lesson 1: Your space

Lesson 2: Your rhythms and dials

Lesson 3: Your fun and games

Module 7: 3 Acts To Writing Your Story

Lesson 1: Your "once upon a time"

Lesson 2: Your theme song, narrative & dialogue

Lesson 3: Your happily ever after