Man & Woman were created equal~but different

It all started with Eve. And for generations the evil one has been tempting and twisting the woman to fulfill his demented plans.

But, God is revealing His daughters' power and restoring their voice. You will read encouraging and inspiring stories about biblical, historical, and contemporary women who are responding to God's call and fulfilling their destiny.

Whether man or woman, you will grow in courage, strength, peace and confidence as you discover God's intended purposes for the woman and understand the difference between:

  1. ~Man and Woman.
  2. ~Victor and Victor.
  3. ~Gynocriticism and Godly Women.
  4. ~Woman's deceiver and Woman's Defender.

The Hidden Power of a Woman provides encouragement and support for Christian women seeking to fulfill God's plan and purpose. Learn how to be the Bride that the Bridegroom is waiting for.

...and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee (Isaiah 62:5).

The Hidden Power of a Woman

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