For far too long, Joe Gregory, a thirty-five year old account manager has been drifting through life.

He is in a rut, not feeling very happy or satisfied with life personally or professionally. One sunny morning he steps onto his morning train and sits down for his daily commute. Sitting next to him is an older gentleman named Michael, who is reading the paper and sipping a cup of coffee. They strike up a conversation, and it turns out Michael has some surprising, wise, and thoughtful life advice for Joe. In a short amount of time, Michael becomes a valuable mentor to Joe and teaches him how to be successful, by teaching him the value of goal setting.

Michael says to Joe: “Just like you tend to your garden, you have to tend to your goals. You must be a goaltender. You must tend to your life.” Through this entertaining and compelling story, Shawn Doyle unveils the essential elements of goal setting: ·Tools and techniques for setting personal and professional goals ·Understanding the importance of the why behind each goal ·The reason why most people don’t have goals at all ·How to break through barriers to achieve your goals ·The keys to thinking bigger and not limiting your potentialRead this book and learn simple ideas and techniques that can change your life forever. You too will become a Goal Tender.

The Goal Tender

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