Moving from Passivity to Purpose

For many Christians, church involves attending an occasional Sunday service and sitting in the audience. Virtually ineffective and having minimal impact, we have embraced a consumer Christianity that creates little but passive believers. Yet the Church is meant for so much more!

Tony Cooke challenges this all-too-common scenario with biblical and historical evidence that paints a radically different picture. With contagious zeal and encouragement, Tony mobilizes the body of Christ to action by reminding each of us that we are to be servants, not spectators, who radiate life to those lost and without hope.

The End of Spectator Church launches you from passivity to purpose—across the aisle, across town, or across the ocean—as Tony reveals:

  • Your divine purpose is for “such a time as this”
  • Hurting people are waiting on the gifts inside you
  • The Church functions best when every part is in its proper place
  • What the “priesthood of all believers” looks like today

The call to radical engagement is sounding, and it is time to answer. Take your place and fulfill your role in a fully awakened and dynamically activated Church!

The End of Spectator Church: Answering God's Call to Full Engagement Paperback – March 1, 2023

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