Tales of Brokenness

In this book are tales like none you have heard. They are stories of a companion-a prophet of sorts-who perceives what most are unable to hear. She is one who is near when no one else will admit to knowing you, for she sees your heart of hearts.

Brokenness holds a power you have never before encountered. Her stories go beyond the simple confines of the human mind.

I know.

I have traveled with her, or should I say, she has traveled with me. She found me in my darkest places. She embraced me without judgment. When I wanted to stand with the mighty, I found myself with the broken, the hungry, the poor. I have lost what I have gained. I struggled to save my life, but lost it in the fray.

Brokenness was there for me to lean on-to pick up the pieces, to put me back together. So I have embraced her way of life, to treasure what others disdain-to love what others scorn. In the process, I have found my reason to live.

I have discovered Brokenness: a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Tales of Brokenness

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