We are living in stressful times. Fear is at epidemic proportions. Depression is rampant.

However, something inside of you longs for greatness. You were born to conquer and designed for success. But in every life, your hopes and dreams are shattered as the reality of a hostile environment collides mercilessly with your potential. If you feel that you have trouble sleeping, are suffering from depression or are a workaholic living on the edge of burnout then this book is definitely for you.

Through his crisis, Pastor Rick Shelton describes what his family endured...from how it all began, all the way through the fight, the battles, the tears, the conquests, to the present-day victory. Diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion, Pastor Rick went through "hell on earth". From numerous doctors, to changing his diet and lifestyle, he realized that the only true answer is in Jesus. Even if your situation seems helpless, Rick teaches that the Lord can restore all that has been lost. There is help, there is hope. Take your life back!

Taking Your Life Back: Overcome Any Obstacle from the Enemy Paperback – March 4, 2014

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