A Grim Diagnosis, Miraculously Reversed!
At age 4, Londyn Giles was diagnosed with autism. Doctors said that she would never talk or function normally. But by the power of God, Londyn was miraculously healed! Today, she is happily functioning in a normal classroom, has lots of friends, and loves to share her testimony of supernatural healing!
In Take Authority Over Autism, Londyn’s mother, Angeletta Giles shares the story of their journey, equipping you with the natural and supernatural tools necessary for overcoming autism.
Through Biblical teaching and miraculous testimonies, you will be empowered to stand in the name of Jesus against anything that hinders your child’s destiny.
You will also receive practical insight on how to advocate for your child, and build a community of people who are committed to their success.
With wisdom and insight, Angeletta journeys with you and your child to…

  • Apply God's healing promises through confession, declaration, and activation.
  • Prophesy to your child's destiny and potential.
  • Overcome speech and language barriers.
  • Understand and communicate their emotions.
  • Navigate social and behavioral issues.
  • Adapt to changing environments.
  • Master education and learning setbacks.

It’s time to appeal to the God Who brings healing, deliverance, and restoration to every area of our lives! Take Authority Over Autism today!

Take Authority Over Autism: Conquering Autism Through the Power of God's Word

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