Do you want to take your sales success to the next level? Some sales programs drape a shroud around sales success as if it's a guarded secret; others set out strict rules and steps without regard to context and expertise.

But in reality, making the sale is much simpler. In his new book, Sweet Sales, Dr. Sweet presents powerful selling techniques, rarely seen or spoken of in sales training. Dr. Sweet uses an organic approach forged out of necessity during the most recent economic recession. Throughout the toughest selling climate in many years, Dr. Sweet studied the processes of companies that survived the collapse and even flourished.

His research unlocked the concepts for his book. Unlike other training books, this one will show you how to improve, then how to practice. Only through practice will you master any technique or strategy. Following the author’s guiding principles will make a rookie into a professional and a professional into a world-class salesperson. To start making Sweet Sales, read this book today!

Sweet Sales

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