Your Prophetic Advantage in Spiritual Warfare
What if you could know what the enemy was plotting, and preemptively derail his plans? 
Aprile Osborne, a spiritual daughter of Dr. Norvel Hayes, had a supernatural encounter with God where she was given the ability to see into the spirit realm. Specifically, she was shown glimpses into the inner-workings of the kingdom of darkness.
In Seeing Behind Enemy Lines, Aprile teaches believers to Biblically implement this insider knowledge for spiritual victory!
Through this revelation, you will:

  • Receive behind-the-scenes prophetic insights on what happens in the devil’s boardroom.
  • Learn to shift atmospheres and displace the influence of darkness.
  • Activate the power of your Kingdom authority.
  • Understand “chain of command” in the heavenly realms.
  • Identify the multiple stages of demonic assault.
  • Receive insights about Jezebel’s eviction, the molecules of Heaven, and the thin line between Heaven and earth.

You were destined for victory over darkness! Take the offensive position and reclaim what the enemy has stolen!

Seeing Behind Enemy Lines Free Feature Message (PDF Download)

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