Saved by Angels DVD reveals how the Lord reaches out to all people in various ways, as proven through this deeply personal journey of an everyday man who overcame addiction and near-death through God’s supernatural intervention. 


You will see through spiritual eyes and a softened heart what your heavenly Father has done in your life to try to talk to you, touch you, and build a relationship with you.

In this scripturally sound teaching DVD, Bruce shares God given revelation and several amazing real life testimonies to illustrate and address the seven ways God communicates with His beloved children:

  • Prayer

  • Scripture

  • Dreams and visions

  • Other people

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Life circumstances

  • Angels

This knowledge inspires all people to deepen their relationship with the living God as they realize that God's grace and mercy are not reserved only for those who have made all the right choices, can recite 100 Bible verses, or stand behind a pulpit----God's love is for everyday people, everyday!

Saved by Angels DVD

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