The Bible is filled with stories that seem to be "over the top". Although they are true, they are far beyond anything you could imagine.

Have you been swallowed by a whale? Jonah was. Have you had marriage problems like David and Bathsheba did? Are you facing a problem as big as the Red Sea and being chased by an army from Egypt? The reason the Bible has stories of this magnitude is to let you know your problem isn't so big. And if God could deliver Moses, David and Jonah He can deliver you.

So it is with the story of Joseph. Betrayed by his brothers over two dreams, sold into slavery to get rid of him, entering Egypt as a slave, being wrongly thrown into prison and finally ending up in a dungeon, Joseph gives us a story far beyond what the average Christian will ever go through. Yet, if God could deliver Joseph and turn his cursing into blessing, He can deliver you. Your financial failures, marriage problems, terminal sickness or pending lawsuit can be turned around by the God of Joseph.

Are you ready for your cursing to be turned into blessing? Then join me in studying the life of one of the biggest heroes in the Bible. Your faith and courage will be strengthened as you find hope in the reactions of Joseph to the assaults of Satan and people. Your God is bigger than them both.

Rising Out of the Pit

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