Why are you here?

Have you ever wondered why you are living here and now in this particular place and time in history?

Not only is Myles Munroe a dear friend, but someone who has greatly helped to shape my understanding of the Kingdom of God. –Matthew Crouch, CEO, Gener8Xion Entertainment

Best-selling author of more than 10 life-changing books and devotionals, Dr. Myles Munroe’s series on the Kingdom of God shows how your heavenly Father wants to make the earth a place of Kingdom harmony and peace—beginning within you!

You will discover things about God’s love and plan, such as how:

  • Your destiny will be fulfilled right here on earth.

  • You are created to turn the earth into a place filled with His culture!

  • You can enjoy continuous fellowship with the Lord.

  • Your decisions make a big difference in what happens on earth.

Dr. Munroe explains how Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose for Your Life will bring you joy, peace and abundant living. “This big idea [of reclaiming God’s original purpose] is the only answer to the deep cry in the heart of every human, and it can satisfy the perpetual vacuum in the spirit of humankind,” writes the author.

You will find your own destiny—and an intimate relationship with God in the process!

Reclaiming God's Original Purpose for Your Life

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