It might be the weight on your shoulders, the constant sense of worry by your side, or the cloud of dread hanging over your life. For many, anxiety is a powerful giant wanting to trap you in darkness and defeat.

But there is freedom to be found from its grip.

Knowing firsthand the realities of anxiety, pastor Louie Giglio shares both practical and spiritual ways to live in victory. With encouragement and hope, this book will equip you with the cross of Jesus as your strongest weapon against anxiety by:


  • Understanding the root of your anxiety
  • Quickly recognizing and addressing anxious thoughts
  • Replacing fear and stress with hope and peace


Anxiety can be debilitating, but Jesus has already defeated its stronghold. Find true rest in the Prince of Peace and break free from anxiety.

Putting an X Through Anxiety: Breaking Free from the Grip of Fear and Stress Paperback – February 21, 2023

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