Every manufactured product was made to function within the context of specified guidelines and an ideal environment in order to achieve it's maximum performance.

The presence of God is the established ideal atmosphere in which mankind was designed to function.

From more than 30 years of ministry, teaching, and study, Dr. Myles Munroe presents rock-solid, time-tested principles that break new ground in the exploration of the complex issues of praise and worship.

In this engaging and authoritative work you will learn:

  • The key to maximizing your full life on earth
  • Why God placed man in the garden of Eden
  • The purpose and priority of the presence of God
  • The seven dimensions of praise
  • The purpose and power of personal and corporate worship
  • How to practice and protect the presence of God in your life
  • Much, much more!

This amazing book will equip and prepare you to move from ritual to a dynamic relationship, from form to fullness, and will ignite your passion for God's presence.

Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship

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