Have you ever made a wrong decision?

Have you felt guilty about it afterwards? How do you make right choices and feel good about living a righteous life?

By definition, the word righteous can be defined as virtue, morality, honesty and decency. These are all good things but there is more to the definition. Righteousness can also be defined as correctness of thinking, feeling and acting. To be righteous, everything you think, feel and do should be right with God. But, how do you accomplish that in your daily life?

Bishop Anne Gimenez explores the meaning of the word and how we can apply this to our daily lives. She teaches you that with the power of the Holy Spirit working in your life and relying on His strength to make right choices so that you can live right and God can move freely on your behalf. Get ready for your life to transform as you gain a deeper understanding of how and why Jesus told us not only to seek first the kingdom of God but also His righteousness.

Pro Choices

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