Praying to Change Your Life is an action-oriented, results-driven, how-to guide for believers that glorifies God, transforms lives, and increases the power of your prayers.

Through instruction, prayer exercises, personal stories, and testimonies, you will learn what prayer is, why you should pray, who you pray to, and how to pray using the six categories of the model prayer: Our Father who art in Heaven…

Churches, organizations, small groups, and families are encouraged to discover together that pray-ers can enhance their relationship with God. This facilitator's guide contains everything a leader will need in order to encourage others to participate in this transformational expedition which will lead them as a group into a more effective prayer life transforming the world in which they live.

This all inclusive resource is comprised of a group facilitator’s guide, 10 complete (30 minute) video sessions of author teaching on 2 DVDs, and the Praying to Change Your Life small group edition complete text.

Praying to Change your Life Facilitator

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