Equip yourself with the spiritual tools and insights needed to stand firm and advance God's Kingdom in these tumultuous times with the Nation Shakers Book Bundle. This powerful collection of twelve books plus a special bonus book is designed to arm you with wisdom, prophetic insight, and prayer strategies to impact your community, nation, and the world.

Included in the Bundle:

  • Warring with Wisdom by Dawna DeSilva

Harness the power of godly wisdom in spiritual warfare to overcome the enemy’s schemes and walk in victory.

  • Counterculture: Answering a Woke Culture with Love, Light, and Life by Duane Sheriff

Learn how to respond to cultural challenges with the love and truth of Christ, shining His light in dark places.

  • White House Watchman: New Era Prayer Strategies to Shape the Future of Our Nation by Jon & Jolene Hamill

Discover strategic prayers to influence the future of America, aligning with God’s purposes for the nation.

  • Invading the Enemy's Strongholds by Cindy Jacobs

Equip yourself to identify and dismantle the strongholds of the enemy in your life and community.

  • Carriers of His Presence by Mark Casto

Experience the transformative power of God’s presence and learn to carry His glory wherever you go.

  • Revival Or We Die: A Great Awakening is Our Only Hope by Dr. Michael Brown

Understand the urgent need for revival and how you can be part of igniting a new great awakening.

  • Understanding End Times by Bob Yandian

Gain clarity on biblical prophecy and the end times, preparing yourself for the days ahead.

  • Daily Decrees for Government & Nations by Brenda Kunneman

Speak life and God’s will over governments and nations with powerful daily decrees.

  • The Making of a Watchman: Practical Training for Prophetic Prayer and Powerful Intercession by Jennifer LeClaire

Train yourself in prophetic intercession and watchman anointing to powerfully impact your world through prayer.

  • Binding the Strongman Over America: Healing the Land, Transferring Wealth, and Advancing the Kingdom of God by Dr. John Benefiel with Melanie Hemry
Learn how to bind the strongman over America, heal the land, and release God's blessings and kingdom advancement.
  • Vessels of Fire and Glory: Breaking Demonic Spells Over America to Release a Great Awakening by Mario Murillo

Break demonic influences over America and release a powerful great awakening through fervent prayer and action.

  • Marxism's Strategy for Destroying America by Dr. Rick Joyner

Understand and counter the strategies of Marxism aimed at undermining America’s foundations.
Free 10 Bonus Books:

  • Pray for Our Nation by Keith & Megan Provance

Engage in focused prayer for the nation, seeking God’s intervention and blessings for America’s future.

The Nation Shakers Book Bundle is an essential collection for anyone passionate about seeing God's will established in their lives, communities, and nations. This bundle will empower you to pray effectively, stand firm in spiritual battles, and become a vessel for revival and transformation. Invest in your spiritual growth and join the movement to see God's Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Nation Shakers Book Bundle

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