If there is enough power in one crumb to heal a sick daughter...

If there is enough power in one crumb from past experience to make the tormenting demons take flight...

If there was enough power in one crumb to cause Him to remain in His place and dispatch wholeness from Heaven...

If there was enough power in one crumb for an outcast Gentile woman to receive a “whatever you want is yours”...

How much more power must there be in the whole loaf and permanent presence that belongs to the children of God today?

T.F. Tenney has downloaded from the archives of Heaven timeless truths that transcend the artificial explanations of spiritual realities presented in too many pulpits of today. More Power to You picks up the baton where Secret Sources of Power left off with more paradoxical presentations of kingdom truths.

The power of the crumb, the power of the whisper and the power of the clay are just some of the delectable delights served up by this patriarch in the faith. Here is fresh food from an ancient pantry that will satisfy the hunger of your heart and empower you for your own spiritual journey.

More Power To You

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