The secret to a lifestyle of miracles, signs and wonders!

Do you feel that the “supernatural” is a special anointing for a select few—pastors, leaders, prophets?  Do you wish that you could encounter the supernatural and be a carrier of God’s miraculous power?

Miracles in the Glory is your invitation to become a person upon whom God’s manifest presence rests.

This supernatural lifestyle is possible for every believer by accessing the power of God already inside of you. It begins by cultivating intimacy with God in the secret place.

Evangelists and ministers, Jesse and Amy Shamp, desire to see everyday people live in the glory realm, where miracles, signs and wonders become everyday occurrences!

In this powerful book, you will discover personal testimonies of miracle encounters and solid biblical teaching on the glory to help you on your journey towards releasing Miracles in the Glory.

  • Learn how to live saturated in God’s manifest presence—the place where miracles are normal.
  • Discover the different realms of glory.
  • Develop a lifestyle of increased signs, wonders, & miracles.
  • Access greater realms of divine encounter through prayer and worship.
  • Be empowered to transform cities and regions for the kingdom of God.
  • Be equipped to overcome every barrier.

Get ready to experience God in a deep, tangible way, with revelation that will unlock His power within you!

    Miracles in the Glory: Unlocking the Realm of Signs and Wonders Through the Presence of God

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