Create a marriage full of joy, fulfillment, passion and love.

Nearly every marriage that ends in divorce happens because of one last fight. Usually it is an accumulation of many fights, but it is that one last fight that ends it. Nearly all your marital frustration comes from arguments and fights. If you took all the time you spent fighting and used just one tenth of that time meeting each other's needs, you would have a great marriage.

In this book you will learn:

The source of all arguments,
What are the needs of Men and Women,
How your needs compliments the needs of your spouse,
How to meet the needs of your spouse and stir up the passion in your marriage,
How to argue in a constructive way,
How to eliminate most of the dumb fights,
How to forgive,
How to control your emotions, before, during, and after a fight,
And how NOT to fight even when your spouse really wants to.
All of this discovery will bring passion back into your marriage. You will learn what love really is and how to fall in love with your spouse all over again. Discover how to let the hurt and anger go and in the end, you will learn how to create a fairytale marriage that lives happily ever after.

Married 4 Life

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