God has blessings in His hand, and He is longing to pass them to us. So what is He waiting for?

Using an analogy from the sports world, Gloria Copeland answers that God is continually looking for a receiver. Gloria makes it clear that, contrary to religious tradition, God is a loving parent who wants to give good things to His children. He's not confused about what's good and what's bad. He has good plans, good places and good things stores up for those who love him.

The only limit to God's goodness and His giving is our ability to receive. He is constantly searching for people whose hearts are devoted to Him so that He can demonstrate His kindness and power in their lives. Gloria Copeland provides a whole new perspective on God's desire to bless us as she explains what puts you in position to receive. You'll find that when you go after God like you would silver and gold, you're in for blessings beyond comprehension!

Looking For a Receiver

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