One Nation Under God?

America the beautiful, founded on the God-given rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," is being systematically destroyed by those who have rejected our Creator. But this nation is not down for the count! With your help, the greatest outpouring of God's mighty power will destroy the tsunami of darkness and flood this land with everlasting Light.

Killing America, host of FlashPoint and Revival Radio TV, Gene Bailey, and his wife, Teri, drill down on the anti-God attack on this nation and pinpoint godly, common-sense strategies that uphold truth and freedom. Here you will find a battle plan for victory including:

  • Embrace your Christian identity in this pivotal time
  • Join the draft! Partner with God to turn evil for good
  • Celebrate godly families and the marriage covenant
  • Become a gatekeeper in your community
  • Occupy the land until Jesus comes

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, the country we love, and the hope of the world for freedom from tyranny. You have been born for such a time as this! Accept this call to action today and let freedom ring!

Killing America: Turning the Tide on the Tsunami of Darkness Paperback – July 2, 2024

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