The Success Journey Starts With You...

In It's Your Life, LIVE BIG!, author Josh Hinds shares practical, yet simple action steps to get you started on your journey to LIVE BIG!

Begin by crafting a solid foundation of what true success means to you.  From there, you will create a road map to guide you to your best accomplishments.  You will build the framework upon which to focus your actions to reach your greatest achievements.  In the lessons set forth in It's Your Life, LIVE BIG! you will learn:
  • Defining Success - getting clear on what success means to you.
  • Goal-Setting - putting together a workable plan to achieve your success definition.
  • Visualization - fuel for making your goals and dreams a reality.
  • The Power of Persistence
  • Learning to Adapt
  • Action - even the best made plans don't have a chance without solid action behind them.
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Using Adversity as a Teacher
  • The importance of Action, and how to use it to craft your BIG life!
Define your success, visualize your goals, and take action to move forward with confidence and persistence to create your own positive change.  "Live your life by choice, rather than chance," and get started on your journey to "LIVE BIG!"

Josh Hinds overcame Tourette's and other challenges to become a successful motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and pioneer of personal development on the internet.  From a learning disability, to a reversal of his family's fortune, Josh's journey in life was filled with one obstacle after another.  But by learning to see past the adversity and focus on a vision of what life could be, he overcame those hurdles  to enjoy success.  Josh now shares his experience with audiences in person and around the world to inspire them that they, too, can LIVE BIG! Inside the pages of this book, Josh reveals how you too can live a BIG life!

It's Your Life, Live BIG

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