Regardless of your gender or your nationality, that thought has probably crossed your mind. And, most likely, it has crossed your mind more than once.

This longing for significance resides in the heart of every human simply because you were created by a loving God to be significant and to fulfill a meaningful purpose based on your own unique design. Everything about you - even that which you aren't pleased with or proud of - can be used by God for His glory and your delight, if you will just commit your life to Him. In God's mind, there is no reservation - He loves you and He wants you.

In your mind, however, a question often quietly lurks: "If I were God, would I choose me?" How you answer that question will determine if you are moving forward successfully or are feeling stuck, frustrated, and essentially ineffective.

You may view yourself as having no purpose on earth or at least a very inconsequential one. If so, you are mistaken. There is a purpose for everything under Heaven, and since you are "under Heaven," you definitely have a God-ordained purpose. What you may lack, however, is a fresh vision.

In his recently revised book, If You Were God Would You Choose You? Rick Renner will help you find and fulfill your life assignment. Don't allow excuses or past experiences discourage you and delay you any longer. It's time for you to reconnect with God's plan for your life and to reclaim the vision Satan has sought to steal from you.

In this insightful and inspiring book, you will discover:

Why you are experiencing so many obstacles along the way.
Why making excuses will lock you in bondage.
Why you must be willing to change and grow.
What factors determine if you're ready to be used by God.
What to do if you feel like giving up.

If You Were God, Would You Choose You?

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