Are You the Victim of Decisions from Previous Generations?

Does it feel like you inherited cycles of sin and bondage, addictions, tendencies, or strongholds from your family line? Do generational curses even still happen today?

Having witnessed the supernatural power of God miraculously heal even the toughest cases of demonic oppression and bondage, bestselling author and veteran deliverance minister David Diga-Hernandez has wrestled with, and biblically researched, the popular belief of generational curses. What he found will surprise you―and give you hope!

Diving deep into the biblical truth about curses―and how to break them―David reveals how the enemy will attack you generationally, equipping you with the wisdom, courage, and revelation you need to expose and eliminate every spiritual attack.

Through dynamic, biblically grounded, and hope-infused teaching, David also empowers you to partner with the Holy Spirit so you can:

  • Expose the lies, myths, and false teachings of generational curses.
  • Discern the difference between curses and consequences.
  • Confront the struggles, addictions, and bondages that appear to pass down through bloodlines.
  • Close every door to the demonic in your life.
  • Make victorious decisions in everyday life.
  • Access the bloodline blessings of Jesus' finished work of the cross.


Stop perpetuating generational cycles of addiction, sin, and struggle. Through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, it’s time to rise up, rebuke every enemy curse, and receive your freedom in Christ!

Holy Spirit: The Curse Breaker: Experience Permanent Deliverance from Generational Cycles Paperback – August 6, 2024

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