For Children Ages 0-5

Empower the youngest of children to walk in their God-given identity, doing what Jesus did!

Take Kids on an Adventure with God!

Children’s ministry is meant to be an active, dynamic experience that extends far beyond “babysitting” on Sundays. Take your kids on an anointed journey through twelve weeks of age-appropriate, customizable lessons, exploring the fullness of their inheritance as Children of the King!

Rooted in Biblical Truth

God and Me makes essential truths  accessible and applicable for the youngest kids.

Activate children to operate in Kingdom power by…

  • Hearing from God
  • Praying for healing and breakthrough
  • Worshiping God
  • Making powerful declarations


The God and Me curriculum will help you foster a culture of supernatural ministry in your classroom! Here's just a few testimonies from classes who have used Bobbie Baker and Kingdom Core Values…

From a 1-Year Old Classroom

“Our teacher came into class one week with severe back pain. She didn't tell anyone about her pain, but planned to do her best to make it through the day. One of the little babies walked behind her when she was sitting down, put her and on the teacher, and babbled something. The teacher thought, ‘It almost feels like this child is praying.’ The child lifted her hands off the teacher, and all the pain left the her back! She continues to be pain-free!”

From a 4-Year Old Classroom

"Our teacher explained to the kids what worship is: it’s not time to fight or play; it is time to adore Papa God. She showed them how she worships and different ways other people worship. Some children laid down on the floor and others danced, but one girl was off to the side all by herself. She had her hands and eyes tightly held, and as she swayed back and forth we heard her say, ‘Jesus, I give you my whole heart, I love you Jesus.’ So Amazing!”

Curriculum Walkthrough

Bethel Children's Pastor, Amy Gagnon introduces you to the God and Me curriculum.

Help Kids Connect with Father God!

This fun, interactive curriculum provides the perfect starting point for a holistic, supernatural children’s ministry, grounded in core biblical truth. Each lesson has been intentionally crafted to model biblical principles, including activities and tools that will give every child a deep foundation in Scripture and a strong connection to the heart of God. 

Even the smallest kids can experience God in powerful ways!

Church should be a place where everyone has equal opportunity to encounter God. God and Me is designed to help you transform your nursery and classroom from a Sunday morning "daycare" into a place where children meet with God for themselves! Each lesson was developed so that kids can learn about God in a corporate setting – just like their parents. Lesson outlines are designed to provide flexible structure to class time, with adaptable options for specific age ranges, allowing you to adjust lesson plans to meet the needs of your specific class.

Playtime & Games

Free playtime and structured games makes class sessions consistently fun and engaging. Themed games re-enforce the day's lesson, helping kids process and retain core concepts.


Age-appropriate crafts help to engage kids' creativity, leaving them with a reminder of the lesson, and a conversation-starter for parents to use at home.

Bible Lesson

Each lesson is based on a familiar Bible story. Whether teaching from a "grown up" Bible, or using the Bible Story Video Upgrade, this will be a fun and memorable part of every class!


Even the smallest babies can take part in worship! This is an important part of every class session where children and leaders praise Jesus and experience His presence together.


Modeling the value of prayer and shepherding kids into a personal connection with God through their own prayer life is foundational to the God and Me curriculum.

Spirit Blessings

This is a time to say Scripture-based truth over each child in your classroom. Investing in their destiny and calling forth their identity in Christ is very powerful!

Curriculum Components

The God and Me Curriculum is made up of two components: The Teacher's Manual and the Video Upgrades. The Teacher's Manual guides you through all lessons, games, crafts, worship times, and free play. The Video Upgrades are highly recommended additions to the core curriculum, providing Bible lesson videos, teacher training, and prep tips for you and your staff! 

Teacher's Manual

The teacher's manual is essential for the curriculum. It contains all lesson plans, teaching outlines, craft instructions, and more. 

Video Upgrades

Bible Lesson Videos

Help kids connect with Scripture in a way they'll never forget! These Bible lesson videos are a fun, "kid-friendly" way to deliver the Bible lesson each week.These videos will capture kids' attention, telling each story with simple, engaging language. 

Teacher's Training Videos

Make lesson planning easy and meaningful with these short prep videos. Bethel Children's pastor, Amy Gagnon walks you through each lesson, providing guidance for conveying big truths to little hearts. Plus, she offers a short devotional to help you connect with the material on a personal level. These videos will equip you and your staff with all  you'll need to run a successful God and Me program.

Help Kids to Walk in Their God-Given Identity!

What are you waiting for? Give the youngest children in your ministry an exciting start to the most important adventure of their lives – an adventure with God!