Getting a Grip on the Basics of Serving God

Would you like to discover and fulfill your God-given potential to make an eternal difference?

You can! In this course, you will learn the process by which God equips, promotes and uses us to serve His purpose and put a dent in eternity! Through 20 video teaching lessons by Beth Jones, you'll learn how God has wired and gifted you to make a major difference in this world!

What's Included In This Course?

Free E-book Download

Download your copy of Beth Jones' book, "Getting A Grip On The Basics of Serving God" and follow along with her!

10 Modules + 20 Short Bible-Based Training Videos

Almost 10 hours of practical, interactive, Bible teaching by Beth Jones!

Bonus Materials

Enjoy additional audio/video teachings and take free personality assessments to identify your giftings!

Chapter 1 | How To View The Big Picture

Chapter 2 | How To Tap Into God's Plan For Your Life

Chapter 3 | How To Lose Your Life

Chapter 4 | How To Be Great In God's Kingdom

Chapter 5 | How To Find Your Place

Chapter 6 | How To Function In Your Local Church

Chapter 7 | How To Follow God's Plan For Spiritual Authority

Chapter 8 | How To Be An Asset To God's Kingdom

Chapter 9 | How To Have Dynamic Leader/Follower Relationships

Chapter 10 | How To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing