Have you wondered where you fit in God’s plan? How do you find your place of service in God’s kingdom? What gifts or talents has God given you for serving Him? Is there a place for you in the local church? This workbook is designed to help equip believers with the tools they need to be more effective in discovering and fulfilling their unique God-given purpose. When we discover the Biblical pattern for serving God, we find the greatest fulfillment and the most lasting fruit. Getting a Grip on the Basics of Serving God is a powerful study guide, designed for either individual or group use, to teach believers the foundational principles of serving God. Through Studying the Scriptures and completing this workbook, Christians will discover the thrill and adventure God has prepared for them as they serve God, serve His people and serve through their local church.
Here's What You’ll Discover

  • How to View the Big Picture
  • How to Tap Into God’s Plan for Your Life
  • How to Lose Your Life
  • How to be Great in God’s Kingdom
  • How to Find Your Place
  • How to Function in Your Local Church
  • How to Follow God’s Plan for Spiritual Authority
  • How to be an Asset to Your Church & God’s Kingdom
  • How to Enjoy Relationships with Leaders & Followers
  • How to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

If you want to be effective in serving the Lord, this is the Bible study for you! Getting a Grip on the Basics of Serving God will stir up your heart, renew and refresh your passion for serving God, ignite your spiritual growth and literally transform your life!

Getting A Grip On the Basics of Serving God

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