If you are like many Christians, when the going gets tough, you may have more faith in someone else's prayers than in your own.

We all know people who seem to consistently receive God's blessings, while we may seem to always be struggling just to stay afloat. Why does God seem to bless some people more than others? Has He given them greater faith?

In the Scriptures it says, we all receive the same measure of faith when we become born again into the kingdom of God. The difference lies in what we do with the faith we have been given. In this powerful, life-changing book, bestselling author Charles Capps outlines biblical truths that will help you become a powerhouse for God yourself rather than relying on the faith of others during difficult times.

These practical principles will teach you:

The basic do's and don'ts of faith,
things that will hinder your faith,
how to strengthen your faith,
how to reap the harvest of your faith in God,
plus much more!
Don t let the enemy rob you of a victorious Christian life any longer. Start exercising your faith muscles today so you can begin walking in Faith that Will Work for You!

Faith That Will Work for You - NEW

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