This inspiring compilation of nearly 50 supernatural stories reveals God's miracle power in action today.

Each story will move you in a fresh, new way to expect God's power in your own life and in the lives of your family and friends. Miracles still happen today and can happen to your readers just as they have for more than 50 individuals in the pages of this awe-inspiring book. These stories have been gathered from around the world and beautifully written by author Therese Marszalek.

They clearly demonstrate God's healing power, His ability to calm the storms, divine intervention, and the ways He uses His power to draw us closer to Him. You will bear witness that not only can God make the impossible possible, He can make the insignificant significant. If you ve ever wondered about His willingness and ability to work miracles in this modern day, then wonder no more. Read this book and know that He works miracles today for ordinary people just like you!

Extraordinary Miracles in Lives of Ordinary People

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