Knowing God's Voice Can Be Easy

Does God’s voice seem distant in your life? Do you grapple with the fear that you’re missing out on His plans for you? In a world brimming with distractions, you can silence the noise and encounter His promptings. You were created to hear Him!

For over three decades, Duane Sheriff has discovered why so many Christians feel disconnected from the voice of God. Through his accessible and practical teachings, Duane demystifies the way God communicates and equips you to discern His voice amidst life’s chaos.

By confronting the common roadblocks that obstruct your spiritual ears, you will understand how to:


  • Recognize the different ways God speaks to us

  • Overcome the six barriers to hearing God’s voice

  • Nurture your inner spirit to be attuned to divine guidance

  • Embrace scripture as the bedrock for divine direction

  • Apply the critical role of multiple confirmations in understanding God’s will

  • Discover the importance of God’s love as the compass for your life choices


Hearing from God shouldn’t be a strenuous task but a natural, joy-filled communion. Say goodbye to the question marks overshadowing your spiritual walk, and step into the clarity and conviction of a life driven by divine whispers.

Divine Guidance: Hearing and Responding to the Voice of God Paperback – August 6, 2024

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