Experience the Profound Nearness of Jesus in Every Moment

Do you long to truly know Jesus―to experience Him in a way that goes beyond theology, sermons, and historical accounts? To hear His voice, feel His presence, and connect your heart to His?

The good news of the Good News is that He did more than redeem you: His life, death, resurrection, and ascension mean that you are intimately united with Him―both now and throughout eternity.

In Delighting in His Presence, founder of Sonship International and passionate follower of Christ Eric Gilmour shares brief yet profound and provoking devotionals that push you beyond the limitations of your present walk with God―and usher you into an intimate, experiential relationship with the living Jesus of the Bible.

Through powerful Scriptures and transformative teaching, Eric shows that union with Christ is not reserved for the saints of old―it's an invitation being extended to you, right now, through the Holy Spirit. He reveals the fullness of what’s possible―and available―in this sacred relationship, including how to:


  • Feed your hunger to know Jesus in a deeper way.
  • Ignite your prayer life to soar above religious formalities.
  • Dive headfirst into an experiential dimension of union with the Christ of Scripture.


You are already intimately connected with Christ―it’s time to experience His presence and enjoy His nearness filling your every moment.

Delighting in His Presence: Daily Invitations to Encounter Jesus through Prayer and Scripture - August 2024

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