Become a Threat to the Powers of Darkness

Are you doing everything you can―saying the right prayers, doing the right things―yet still finding yourself swallowed up by circumstances, devoid of peace, or constantly falling short of victory?

It's in these desperate spiritual fights that you face a critical choice: let your problems overcome you or overcome your problems. There is no middle ground.

Shifting you from defense to offense, globally respected apostolic leader Dr. Francis Myles equips you to triumphantly wage war in the spiritual realm through powerful, Bible-based warfare decrees and declarations that re-route the enemy and secure your ultimate victory.

From sickness, anxiety, and trauma to relationships, sexuality, and finances, Dr. Myles arms you with effective battle strategies, unstoppable weapons, and supernatural prayers that empower you to:

·         Partner with the Lord of Hosts.

·         Confess the Word of God.

·         Uproot the demonic source of your earthly problems.

·         Break the power of witchcraft, freemasonry, familiar spirits, and false prophesies.

·         Prevail against demonic attacks and strongholds.

·         Unleash unthinkable breakthrough.

Stop allowing the forces of darkness to threaten you―now is your time to release dangerous decrees and become a threat to them.


Dangerous Decrees that Destroy Strongholds: Powerful Prayers that Arrest Demons and Crush Satan's Strategies Against Your Life Paperback – July 2, 2024

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