Freedom from demonic oppression is surprisingly simple!
If you struggle with addiction, anger, fear, or other negative cycles, it could be a result of demonic influence in your life.
Even Christians can be oppressed by darkness—demons who specialize in stealthy whispers and subtle control. These evil influences go undetected and unchallenged by many believers.
But there is hope—and the solution is simpler than you might think!
Percy Burns has been moving in deliverance as an evangelical minister for more than 47 years. In Glorious Freedom​, he offers a step-by-step guide to freedom from demonic strongholds in your own life, and empowers you to bring spiritual freedom in the lives of others!
Discover how to:
  • Recognize whether or not your problem is demonic.
  • Identify how demons gain access to your life.
  • Use the power and authority of Jesus to release spiritual freedom.
  • Dispel the fear, stigma, and misunderstanding surrounding deliverance ministry.
  • Minister deliverance to your children in the midst of a culture saturated by darkness.
It’s time to learn how to recognize the symptoms of spiritual oppression and gain lasting freedom in every area of your life!

Glorious Freedom: How to Experience Deliverance through the Power and Authority of Jesus

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