God created every believer to live an empowered, supernatural life! How is this possible?

Driven by a quest for a life marked by the power of God, hungry Christians often seek out proven formulas to help grow their faith. While this kind of teaching can be helpful, it fails to create mature sons and daughters of God who radiate His love, power, and glory in every area of life.

The great pursuit of every believer should not be a religious formula – it should be the face of God Himself. As we experience Him on a personal level, we begin to live like Jesus, increasingly growing in oneness with Him.

In addition to having served as a key leader in the history-making Toronto Blessing, Duncan Smith has led Christians around the globe into life-changing, supernatural experiences with God for over twenty years. Duncan teaches everyday believers how to sustain the fires of revival, not through formula, but through intimacy and union with Jesus Himself!

As you read this landmark book…

  • Your heart will become ignited by holy fire.
  • Your passion for Jesus will be awakened like never before.
  • You will receive Heaven’s blueprint for a miraculous lifestyle.
  • Your experience of God’s love will be upgraded to dimensions you never thought were possible.

You can become the supernaturally empowered Christian that God made you to be! Learn to become one with Him, and watch as every area of your life is infused with holy zeal

Consumed with Holy Fire: Heaven's Blueprint for a Miraculous Lifestyle

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