Discover how to close every door to darkness in your life!
Can a Christian have a demon? Do believers need ongoing deliverance? If so, how do you receive it?
Joanna Adams offers biblical insight on common questions believers have about deliverance and demonic oppression.
When you become a Christian, your spirit is saved, but your soul—your mind, will, and emotions—still needs to be transformed. While evil spirits cannot touch a believer’s spirit, they can harass and torment your soul. To continually walk in the freedom that Jesus purchased, it is vital for Christians to practice self-deliverance.
Joanna Adams has many years of experience in helping believers break free of demonic oppression, leading them into true inner healing. In this book she offers powerful deliverance strategies for every Christian.
Her profound insights will help you:

  • Identify and close demonic access points in your life
  • Break cycles of sin, addiction, and depression
  • Lead others to experience the joy of true deliverance 

It’s time to get free, and stay free!

Closing the Door to Demons Free Feature Message (PDF Download)

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